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Why start a website?

Why does a dairy farm with one product and one customer, Fonterra, need a website?

Two reasons:

  • to promote our farm, philosophy and opportunities to potential employees. We can provide a very visually rich overview of our farming operation and farming philosophy.

  • To help address the rural-urban divide. Unfortunately, those who are anti-farming have very loud voices through both social and mainstream media. It is important for farmers to start to tell their story about what they are doing behind their farm gates, as there is some fantastic things being done on farms to improve their environmental sustainability, animal welfare, working environment for staff etc. Farmers are innovators. If they need something and it isn’t available, hasn’t been invented or “can’t be done” then often there is a farmer somewhere, sourcing it, making it or doing it. To borrow from a recent election campaign, we need to mount a “Campaign of Positivity”

Please visit our website at and follow our farm on facebook @White River Dairies

I am a veterinarian by training not a journalist (and somewhat of an introvert by inclination) so writing does not come naturally or easily to me. Paul and I are being helped along on our journey by the wonderful Natasha Chadwick of Natwick who has done all of our photography, video, website design and media training.


Kyllee Henton

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